Our Story

First off, a little something about me. I am an expat in Copenhagen and have been an expat in few other countries as well. Every non english speaking country i went to, i found this very basic problem of finding reliable and local like information through internet. Of course i tried the usuals search methods:

Google>>Business’ website>>Translate to English>>Disregard Everything>>Ask in Expat Facebook Groups routine!

But, then this one day i finally decided to do this little project of mine where i can help all the other expats with a little more simple way of offering local information.

In one sentence, enciti is a local business directory website and aims to make expat life a little simpler. But we are also so much more!

In detail; the goal behind enciti is to eliminate all those extra steps an english speaking person/an expat needs to follow in order to find our about basic places and businesses. Of course there are excellent websites like trip advisor, yelp etc., but currently they all have information focused on tourists and or just reviews, and not necessarily for an expat/immigrant who made this new city their home and would like to live and find information like a local.

Through enciti, you can

Go to our website >> Find relevant info in English >> Get Detailed information about the business/service needed >> And even book a service (if) offered by some businesses.

So, it eliminates the complications of jumping from one website to another and translating everything in a broken english. Besides that, our plan is to implement concierge chat service will work as a expert local personal assistant for anyone using our website. For example, the user goes to our website, unsure of what to eat or where to go and by using our chat service, he/she can talk to one of our experts and boom, he/she has a plan and a place to go. Or, let’s say he/she is unsure of where to find a reliable plumber ; goes to our website, chats to our concierge and done: now he has at least some guidance in english about where to find one!